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Studio 1 –  Control Room

The studio has a 2.1 monitoring system. The room concept ensures optimal acoustics with short reverberation times during production and post-production.

The control room is connected to the recording room, the “Live Room,” through a large control window, so that there is ideal eye contact for first-class Voice recordingsfor Podcast, Advertising or Remote recordings has.

Studio 2 – Recording

The recording room has optimal acoustics and is optimized for voice recordings. There is enough space for recording with up to four people, as well as for solo instruments or even going live via audio/video.

The large window give you as podcaster, speaker, singer or musician a perfect view to the control room.


Join the recording LIVE!

You have the opportunity to listen in live during the recording any time, to have a say and to direct the artist. Either:

  • right in the studio
  • via SessionLinkPRO, SquadCast, Meet, Zoom, Teams (etc.) or
  • via telephone direction via +49 69 348 723 10
Time in Frankfurt: 

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